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Using Sd Kfz 251 Half-tracks in Iron Cross

Using Sd Kfz 251 Half-tracks in Iron Cross
with Mike Haught
The Sd Kfz 251 half-track was designed to transport infantry and guns into battle. The passengers were protected by bulletproof armour, helping then close in for assaults. Each transport had a pair of machine-guns, one firing forward with a protective gun shield, and the second on a swivel mount in the rear for shooting at aircraft or other targets.

Iron Cross
By the end of 1941, the German blitzkrieg had swept across open plains of the Soviet Union and stopped at the gates of Moscow as winter set in. The halt was only temporary as the Germans were back on the offensive in the summer of 1942. The attack sliced into the southern front, aiming at the oilfields of the Caucasus. Two army groups charged forward, one heading to the mountain country in the south, the other focussed on a small city on the Volga River called Stalingrad. The unstoppable German offensive was pushing Soviet morale to a breaking point as the most pivotal battles on the Eastern Front were about to be fought on the streets of Stalingrad and in the Russian Steppe.

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Over 15,000 of these half-tracks were made during the war, with over 20 variants. A handful of the ‘Hanomag’ (named for the factory that built it) half-tracks were ready to equip a small number of motorised platoons in the 1st Panzer Division during the invasion of France in 1940. Soon thereafter, production caught up to supply enough half-tacks to equip at least one company, and later a battalion, of infantry in each panzer division.

The half-track played an important role in the blitzkrieg campaigns from the Russia Steppe to the wadis of Tunisia.

The full armoured panzergrenadiers list will be coming out with our next Eastern Front book, Ghost Panzers but we know that many of our existing players already have their halftracks and are excited to try them out now. To that end, here’s the rules and card that you’ll need to mechanize your Iron Cross panzergrenadier units...

Mounted Assault
German armoured half-track tactics called for bold assaults using their vehicles to push aside the enemy where possible.

This Team has Assault 4+ and Counterattack 4+ with one Passenger and Assault 3+ and Counterattack 4+ with two Passengers. This is shown on the Sd Kfz 251 Transport unit card as an additional motivation and skill column.

Unit Transport
German half-tracks were a part of the platoon in every way. The troops lived out of the back of their transports and guarded them against enemy attack.

The Unit Leader must end the Movement Step within 6”/15cm of the Unit Leader of its Passenger Unit while on the table.


Using Sd Kfz 251 Half-tracks in Iron Cross Using Sd Kfz 251 Half-tracks in Iron Cross
Sd Kfz 251 Half-track.pdf (right click, save as)...

If you don't have any halftracks and cannot wait for us to release the new plastic kit, you can always get the Late War version of the Sd Kfz 251. This way you can already have your first Late War models painted and ready for battle.

Sd Kfz 251 Transport Platoon (Late War)...

Sd Kfz 251 Late War

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