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Enemy at the Gates - Soviet forces on the Eastern Front 1942-43
Enemy at the Gates - Soviet forces on the Eastern Front 1942-43

Enemy at the Gates Spotlight

Enemy at the Gates brings the Soviet Army to Flames Of War. As you’d expect, the book has a variety of tank and infantry formations and plenty of interesting support (flamethrower tanks or rocket-firing trucks anyone?).

Phil takes us through Enemy at the Gates and introduces us to the wealth of new units and models that Soviet players will be able to enjoy.

Enemy at the Gates Spotlight...

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Iron Cross & Enemy at the Gates Live Launch

On the 23rd and 24th of August we had the Iron Cross and Enemy at the Gates Live Launch. During this time we updated the website with plenty of information, lists and pictures and a fun day was had by everyone here. If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to head over the Live Launch website and check out all the content from the day’s activities 

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Nikolay's Steel Wall (Plastic) (SUAB09)
A flash showed where a German gun was hiding, its round parting the tall grass, speeding towards his tanks. Smirnov had no idea whether the shot had hit or not, and had no time to look about. Without slowing, Smirnov fired another shot in the direction of the German gun. As the range closed, the tanks began firing their machine guns. The T-34s ploughed straight through wooden fences and raced between the buildings, glimpses of fleeing Germans amongst the smoke and ruin making the scene surreal.

Nikolay's Steel Wall (Plastic) (SUAB09)...

Nikolay's Steel Wall (SUAB09)

T-34 (Early) Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX39)

T-34 (Early) Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX39)
When their speedy, but lightly-armoured, tanks suffered heavy losses in the Spanish Civil War, the Soviet tank designers built a replacement with thicker armour and a bigger gun, the T-34. Entering production before the German invasion, this tank continued to fight throughout the war, becoming the most-produced tank of the Second World War.

T-34 (Early) Tank Company (SBX39)...

KV Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX40)
The KV-1 heavy tank is one of the most heavily-armoured tanks in the world, with up to 120mm (4.7 inches) of cast steel armour on the turret. Few enemy tanks (or even anti-tank guns) have any chance of penetrating its thick hide.

KV Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX40)...

KV Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX40)

Valentine Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX41)

Valentine Tank Company (SBX41)
Britain and Canada shipped over 3000 Valentine tanks to the Soviet Union as part of their lend-lease aid. Although the British viewed the Valentine as a heavy infantry-support tank, the Red Army considered it a rather heavy light tank when compared with their own medium and heavy tanks.

Valentine Tank Company (SBX41)...

M3 Lee Tank Company (SBX42)
The rather unusual looking M3 Lee mounted its 75mm gun in a sponson at the front of the hull, and a 37mm gun in a small turret on top. This unusual measure allowed the tank to be designed and rushed into production quickly while a more conventional tank with a turret-mounted 75mm gun was designed and put into production.

M3 Lee Tank Company (SBX42)...

M3 Lee Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX42)

M3 Stuart Tank Company (SBX43)

M3 Stuart Tank Company (SBX43)
As a classic light tank, combining speed and light armour, the M3 Stuart fit in readily with the existing Soviet doctrine for exploiting breakthroughs. However, experience showed that the M3 Stuart's light armour was insufficient to allow it to operate alongside the well-armoured T-34 medium tank as an assault tank.

M3 Stuart Tank Company (SBX43)...

122mm Artillery Battery (SBX49)
The 122mm artillery gun throws a bigger shell than the equivalent German howitzer over a longer range, they destroyed guns, tanks, and infantry with equal ease. When rolled up to point-blank range, their brutal shells easily eliminated any target

122mm Artillery Battery (SBX49)...

122mm Artillery Battery (SBX49)

Enemy at the Gates Command Cards (FW246C)

Enemy at the Gates Command Cards (FW246C)
Command Cards allow Flames Of War generals to field iconic warriors, build new types of units, field new types of equipment, enhance your commander’s capabilities, and bring new tactics and strategems to the battlefield.

Enemy at the Gates Command Cards (FW246C)...

Enemy at the Gates Unit Cards (FW246U)
For a limited time only boxes of Unit Cards will be available for each Flames Of War Mid War book. The packs will contain one of each Unit Card that relates to their book. The packs have been designed to assist existing players that have already bought our miniatures and built their armies under previous editions and want cards to help transition to V4.

Enemy at the Gates Unit Cards (FW246U)...

Enemy at the Gates Unit Cards (FW246U)

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