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No Dice, No Glory

No Dice, No Glory -  Firestorm Tunisia
The team over at No Dice, No Glory are running their own Firestorm campaign for Flames Of War in Mid war, set in North Africa. Taking cues from our own recent Firestorm and with their own map they'll be taking battle reports players submit from their local clubs and around the world to determine how battle lines move and story develops. The Campaign started on April 14th with new updates every two weeks. You can find full details on their website and forums in the links below.

Firestorm Tunisia – An NDNG Online FOW Campaign...
Firestorm Tunisia - Forums....

Firestorm Tunisia - Terrain
The terrain in Tunisia is rugged, unique, and had a major influence on the battles fought there.  Several new terrain features are introduced for Firestorm Tunisia.  Get ready to encounter vast Salt Beds otherwise known as tank death traps; Rocky Ground that makes it impossible to dig in; Heavy Scrub that is perfect for hiding an ambush; and entrenched, dry water-ways called Wadis that form a natural and formidable defence. Heavy spring rains would then transform these difficult terrains to nearly impassable.

FOW: Firestorm Tunisia – Terrain...

No Dice, No Glory

No Dice, No Glory

Firestorm Tunisia - Units
One of the exciting features of a Firestorm campaign is the use of additional “free” units that are added to players’ forces for each battle. These additional troops represent the combat power associated with the units fighting on the campaign map – the more units attacking on the map, the greater the force attacking on the battle table.

FOW: Firestorm Tunisia – Units...

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