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Taranaki Wars 2018

Taranaki Wars 2018
With Rob Shirley
After some years of playing a day of Early War and then a day of Late War, this year Alistair decided that it would be seven rounds of 850 points Late War.  Still on 4x4 tables.  And with the V4 rules as set out in the V4 1939-41 and 1944-5 rule book, and the Lessons from the Front from October 2017.  Only Tank or Mechanised lists were allowed to be played. The army had to have a HQ and at least three other units.

Just to mix things up some more, four of the missions were from the Quick Missions of Team Yankee. As this event is easy going we resolved most things in an email debate and then Al called what ever we had missed as the issues arose. Thanks to Kim Styles, Julian Hannam and Alistair Mundell for supplying the tables.

Just thirteen of us played this year, over the years (counting backwards) it’s been 12, 20, 20 and 10.  This year we were from Hamilton, New Plymouth, Rural Taranaki and Whanganui. With just one player being new to the event.

The missions went: 

Recon in Force, Gauntlet, Breakthough, Free for All

Repeat the first three.

Seven games, and in each one, the result was 8-1.  I was on the “1-end” twice on the Saturday, so did fairly well submarining after that.

My Army was from Red Bear
HQ of T34/85, 
Combat Pls of 5 x Valentines and 5x T34/76 with three upgraded to T34/85. 
Weapons Pls of 4 x ZIS-2 and 6 x 82mm Mortars with an Observer
Supportt Pl of 3 x BA64

I faced 3 x Soviets Tank, two with SU 100’s; 2 x US Armour; 1x US Armoured Rifles and 1 x German Mechanised.

The final results of the 3 games (all hard fought) but with a huge amount of fun and enthusiasm, which is what v4 is all about.

The results were:


Glen Horsman




Julian Harkness Soviet 2 44 
Rob Shirley Soviet 3- 42
Kim Styles Soviet 3- 42
Robert Torrance German 5 39
 Alistar Mundell Soviet 6 37
Julian Emmett US 7 34
Julian Hannam Poland 8- 28
Garry Amudsin US 8- 28
Dougal Hannam-Williams German 10 27
Peter Thompson US 11 22
 Karl Muskee Poland 12 15
Savvas Rigas US 13 8

As usual a fun time, all of us travellers stayed at the same motel.  Bring on the Weekend of the 3rd Sunday of February in 2018.  I make that  16-17 February 2018.

Round 6 Breakthrough.The oldest (Rob Shirley) versus the youngest (Dougal Hannam-Williams) playing on one of Kim Styles tables
Pictured below

Taranaki Wars 2018

Taranaki Wars 2018

Round 1 (l to r) Kim Styles (3rd) versus Glen Horsman(1st) – Recon in Force
Pictured below:

The winning army in action round 6
Pictured below

Taranaki Wars 2018

Taranaki Wars 2018

Taranaki Wars 2018

Alistair Mundell congratulating Julian Harkness on 2nd placing with Savvas Rigas (Wooden Spoon watching on)
Pictured left

Peter Thompson under pressure:
Pictured Bottom left

Overhead shot of game in progress.
Pictured Bottom right

Taranaki Wars 2018

Taranaki Wars 2018

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