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Not Corrivalry 2018

Not Corrivalry 2018
With Tim Harris

Our very good friends at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry had decided to run something a little different for their annual February event for Flames of War and threw their doors open to the community as a whole to come and have some casual games over the weekend and this proved to be quite popular, with some old familiar faces and more importantly several new comers to the Flames of War scene.

For those of you that don't know Battlefield Hobbies it is a “nerdvana” for all things geek, it's a great venue, which has recently had a facelift to the gaming room upstairs and is actually a much better use of the building as a result with a huge window that allows natural light to flood the upstairs gaming area. They have a very well stocked shop with a huge back catalogue of Flames of War product.

If you're looking for those harder to find items, then this would be a good place to try, chances are that BFH will have it. There is now access to the mezzanine gaming room through the shop.

Nobby one of the owners is a huge lover of Flames of War, but a bigger lover of terrain and in the gaming room they had prepared 15 6 x 4 tables of lovely looking terrain to visitors to fight over including a lovely 'Nam table, which I had the pleasure of playing on.

The big surprise for the weekend was that Hammy had spent some time looking at updating The Total War rule (v2) to make it playable with v4 and there was an 12 x 8 Fall of Berlin table set up, this was played with 3 players a side and all the miniatures were supplied by Nobby and Hammy. It was a great game that people slipped in and out of throughout the weekend with a marginal victory for the Germans.

Not Corrivalry 2018

There were other games going on too, with people using their own armies but for those gamers who had just come to see what Flames of War is all about they were able to borrow a force from Hammy and Nobby's private collection. The shop did some business too, which was encouraging and everyone had a great time. They've had lots of requests to do it again and we're happy to say that the guys report that they will definitely be planning something similar in the not too distant future! 'Nam would be great to do something along these lines and I think that the new 'Nam book would allow for a great looking table with a Mekong Delta and the jungle being put to good use.

Not Corrivalry 2018

Not Corrivalry 2018

Battlefront were present in the form of Tim Harris and we were able to show off the new 'Nam book, cards and some off the plastics, including the plastic T54/T55 frame, which many were very excited about, several people who saw it commentated that they thought it looked to be one of the best 15mm plastic tanks that they'd ever seen ....Tim Adcock's done a fantastic job of it, with lots of eye popping detail! Also on show were some of the up and coming Italian plastic box sets and a very quick sneak peek of Armoured Fist, again which had several players getting very excited.

Needless to say both Nobby and Hammy were very happy with the number of new faces that showed up at the event and naturally we'll happily look to continue giving them our support in all the new events that they have planned.

Well done Battlefield Hobbies, we look forward to your next Flames of War event with anticipation.

~Tim Harris

Not Corrivalry 2018

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