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Team Yankee UK GT 2017
with Mick from Reluctant Conscripts

It was with pride that the Reluctant Conscripts and Battlefront were able to announce the first Team Yankee UK Grand Tournament for 2017. The venue, The Sanctuary in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts, the date, 19/20th August 2017. As with last years FOW UK GT, Battlefront was full on for prize and terrain support.

Anyone who’s been to the Sanctuary will know it’s a great gaming venue, full of character and a big thanks to Richard Lacey for looking after us from start to finish. The Sanctuary provided all the table tops, refreshments and not a few items to spend our money on.

Despite the growing popularity of Team Yankee, the number of entrants was low, compared to our FOW events and we worked to establish the reasons. Generally it was the time of year, that holiday season seriously conflicts the gamer between family commitments and the pleasures of rolling dice. Hopefully we will be able to run the TY GT next year and would aim for earlier, probably April, although the tourney calendar is very tight. What we did have was a quality enthusiastic crowd who were keen to try out their forces against players they hadn’t met before or were keen to avenge previous defeats.

I knew I’d be playing during the weekend and ran a mixed BAOR force of Infantry alongside the Recce formation. It’s big on numbers but light on MBTs, that was hopefully compensated by the strength of British Infantry platoons and the excellent light support weaponry available.  I also supplied Alex with his Soviet Tank Force; he never wasted any time reminding me all weekend that his string of defeats was down to the structure I had chosen for him.  The knife being finally twisted when I beat him in game 5 ……………………I blame the general, of course.

Saturday morning arrived, the terrain laid out, the draw done. Prizes, trophies and objectives on display.

Game 1 - I was defending in Counterattack against Mat Booth’s DDR force

Game 2 – Hasty Attack against Mike Dewberry’s Soviet Mech force

Game 3 – Dust Up with Laurence Donohoe (Cid) DDR Mech/Motor

Game 4 - Anders Johansson and his West Germans

Game 5 - Fighting withdrawal, defending against Alex Billing’s Soviet Tank force (Provided by me!!!)

I had 5 great games against opponents who were a pleasure to face. The fighting was fierce but the whole event was played in a great atmosphere and the results were as follows:

The first TY GT went very well from my point of view and I hope we can return for next year. 


1st place.

2nd place.

3rd place.

4th place.

Best Terrain.

Most Sporting.

Best Painted NATO.

Best Painted Warpac.

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