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Canadian Nationals 2017

What a great time, the local players are very inviting to their visiting brothers-in-arms. The venue is wonderful and the local attractions are great.  Coming to the Canadian Nationals is always one of my favorite times of year. This year the local Ottawa and Toronto crowds really stepped up and came out in force to try to recapture the title for Canada.

Canadian Nationals 2017

The players made three lists, 1050, 1405 and 1865 using the same army for each level, these were chosen randomly at the beginning of each round along with the mission. Each list would only be used once per day.

Canadian Nationals 2017

First round drawn was the small armies fighting a Hasty Attack. 16 8-1’s and 2 7-2’s created a field gap immediately. This grouping was a pretty even split across the board containing almost all the nationalities and all the unit types available.

Canadian Nationals 2017

Large armies in Fallback was the second pick of the day. Three Soviets, a German, A Canadian and both Hungarian armies are now left in the top group. Four of the top 6 players are Canadian, things are looking good for the home team.

Canadian Nationals 2017

Medium armies in Free For All rounded out the day. Only three Americans remained in the top ten, which was dominated by the group out of Gamezilla, NB.  

Canadian Nationals 2017

Canadian Nationals 2017

Everyone broke out for dinner and the much needed break. The tournament was half over but there were still many within striking range of the leaders, some bad die rolls and they would be on top.

I don’t know about the others, but a wonderful 4 mile wander through downtown Ottawa ended with a great Korean BBQ was just what was needed after the stresses of the day.

Sunday dawned and everyone came in refreshed and ready to go.  We called a Large Breakthrough game to start everyone off right. Massive carnage ensued but at the end Chris Johnson had pulled out to the lead followed closely by Will Yankausky.  Three Gamezilla and three Toronto players made the bulk of the top ten with Dave Vigor finally breaking in as well.

Round five was Counterattack with our small armies. Chris Johnson powered over Will’s Hungarians to take an unreachable lead, the Gamezilla crew came back to claim three of the top ten and Dave Vigor quietly moved into fourth place. The Soviets still accounted for half the players in the group.

Canadian Nationals 2017

Last round kicked off as our medium armies in Dust Up.  Despite the Gamezilla and Ottawa groups having strong finishes with three each in the top ten, the best three ended up being US players, although as you can see the field was very close.

Canadian Nationals 2017

Winners Circle:


Chris Johnson

Soviet Armor

Wargamers Anonymous

Canadian Nationals 2017

Canadian Nationals 2017

Second Place

David Vigor

Soviet Infantry/armor

Able Kompanie

Canadian Nationals 2017

Third Place

Will Yankausky

Hungarian Armor


Canadian Nationals 2017

Best Painted

Dennis Campbell

German Armor

Ottawa Gaming

Canadian Nationals 2017


Craig Bodycote

Canadian Infantry

Toronto Gaming

Canadian Nationals 2017

Download the Canadian Nationals 2017 results spreadsheet here...

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