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 4th Edition Launch Weekend

On March 11-12 Battlefront ran a live blog all weekend, with updates from our offices in NZ, the UK and the US, as well as reports from participating stores, hobby and history articles and videos, competitions and a video battle report.

NZ Studio - Saturday UK Office - Saturday

• Painting Guide - British Desert Armour
• Studio progress update
• Boot Camp Battle Report - Part 1
• Know Your Desert Rats - British Tanks
• Know Your Afrika Korps - German Tanks
• Painting Guide - German Desert Armour
• Know Your Desert Rats - British Guns
• Assembly Guide - British 25pdr
• Assembly Guide - British 17/25pdr
• Assembly Guide - British Grant Tank
• Know Your Afrika Korps - German Support
• Know Your Afrika Korps - German Recce
• Assembly Guide - German Panzer IV
• Download the Special Rules and Warriors Book!
• Goodnight from the NZ Studio
• 4th Edition Factory Fun
• Know Your Desert Aircraft

 • It's The UK Team's Turn At Flames In The Desert
• Germans In The Desert Are Great
• Tanks In The Flesh
• A Newbies Guide To British (part 1)
• Wargames Illustrated Look At The New Desert Books
• A Newbies Guide To British (part 2)
• Quick Panzer Painting
• Interview With Our Sculptor Tim
• Crusaders Are Great!
• Boots On The Ground
• A Newbies Guide To British (part 3)
• Flames In The Desert -  UK Battle Report
• Thanks From The Guys In The UK
USA Office - Saturday NZ Studio - Sunday 
• Good Morning From The USA team
• The US Office Plays 4th Edition
• New Desert Tables
• Games n Stuff
• Matt's Afrika Rifle Company
• 8th Hussars: My First Flames Of War Army
• There's A Hurricane Coming!
• Games Empire Pasadena CA
• Goodnight From The US Office
• Good Morning From The NZ Studio
• More Missions Pack
• Andrew's Motor Company
• Assembly Guide - German Panzer III
• Know Your Desert Rats - British Recce
• Studio Progress Update
• Know Your Afrika Korps - German Guns
•Khairul's DAK Panzers Take Shape
• Assembly Guide - British Crusader
• Assembly Guide - German 88
• Launch Weekend Q&A
• Boot Camp Battle Report - Part 2
• Thanks For Joining Us!
• V4 Books In Flames Of War Digital
• YouTube Playlists

Boot Camp -  Battle Report
The Boot Camp series of videos shows you how to play the 4th Edition of Flames Of War. To cap off the Boot Camp experience, Phil and James put the lessons from the previous videos into practice, playing a 62-point game using the Free For All mission.

Flames of War: El Alamein in 360
Adam, Matt & Jared play through El Alamein in 360 degrees to bring you closer to the battle than ever before.

V4 Launch Weekend - BTS
Our 4th Edition Launch Weekend, on March 11-12 2017, was an absolute blast. Check out this behind-the-scenes of the Battlefront staff at work and play over the course of the weekend.

Desert Rats
Afrika Korps

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