Scottish Nationals 2017

Mid War Nationals at Historicon

Scottish Nationals 2017
held 19 - 20 August 2017 at Common Ground Games, 40B Cowane Street, Stirling, FK8 1JR, Scotland, UK.

Flames of War Scotland, in association with Battlefront Miniatures, are proud to present another Scottish Nationals tournament for Flames of War, spanning the weekend of 19th-20th August 2017 in historical Stirling.

Our hosts will once again be the ever-welcoming Common Ground Games.

This time round, we are bringing Version 4 to the forefront, with a choice of eras:

  • Late-War: 1650pts. The majority of veteran players in Scotland and beyond have the most experience with Late-War, so we would be remiss not to include a Late-War option. 
  • Mid-War 100pts. Utilising the new Mid-War army books, and encouraging the participation of novice, or less experienced players.

Entry for this two-day tournament will be £25 (€28.50, for our European friends).

Not only will this get you a ticket for two days of intense wargaming with new players, but each player will also receive:

  • The 2017 Tournament Objective marker
  • A small set of Bailed Out/ Pinned Down markers 
  • Catered lunch on both days
  • The chance to win fabulous prizes, including a painting contest

Common Ground Games can be found a short distance from Stirling Rail and Bus stations, located in the North of the city, with a view out towards the Wallace Monument.


Common Ground Games, 40B Cowane Street, Stirling, FK8 1JR, Scotland, UK.

19 - 20 August 2017

Tournament Format
Late-War - 1650pts, Mid-War 100pts - 'Red on Blue' followed by Swiss system.

Tournament Organiser : Mark Nisbet

Common Ground Games : Steve

Download the Players Pack:
Scottish Nationals 2017 Players Pack

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