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2019 North American Points and locations

2019 North American Points and Locations

It’s that time again, here are the points for the 2019 tournament season:


Period Points
Early-war 1550 points
Mid-war 109 points
Late-war 1625 points
Team Yankee 93 points
MW West Coast Nationals Las Vegas Open Feb 8 -  Feb 10
LW Midwest Nationals Adepticon Mar 27 - Mar 31
MW Nationals Historicon Jul 10 - Jul 14
EW Canadian Nationals Ottawa Labor Day Weekend
MW Southern Nationals TBD TBD

We are currently taking proposals for the 2019 Southern Nationals:
We are very pleased with the interest level of keeping the Southern Nationals alive.

Rick Parrish in Florida did a great job stepping up this year, but the 2019 tournament season is fresh and so we need proposals from interested parties by the end of October to make the decision as to where it will be held next.

We would like to announce the location no later than the end of November so players can adjust personal schedules and make plans to come.

Southern Nationals is slated for Mid War this year.

Minimum information needed:

  • Date of event
  • Location
  • What is the Max size of event or venue size?
  • How many of tables can you provide?
  • Type of event do you want to run?
  • How much support from your local crowd can you gather?
  • History of events in your area.
  • Links to stores and conventions are appreciated

This is a floating tournament which travels from year to year, so any groundwork you do now hopefully will pay off in the future.

Prospectus should be sent to [email protected]. Please title “Southern Nationals”


It’s that time again, here are the points for the 2019 tournament season

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