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Andrew’s Fighting Second!

Armies Of Late War: Andrew’s Fighting Second!
with Andrew Haught

So I know what you are all thinking, “what’s Andrew making for late war?” or you just might be thinking “Who is this Andrew dude?” Well to answer the Second question I am one of the Game Designers here at Flames Of War. Right now I am working on an Armoured Rifle company for my Mid-War force, but I picked this army because it can also be used for Late-War. As well as using this force for Mid-War I can also easily use it for with V3 Bridge at Remagen Intelligence Handbook after a slight tweak to my army. I just love how many options this force gives me. 

Unlike my Mid War variant force, my Late War force starts off as veteran so I don’t have to upgrade any of my units. I also get access to some awesome Late War support. The army works well in both periods and is a great list to get if you want to be able to play in either periods but have a limited budget.

I’m loving the new Unit Cards. I am a very visual person so being able to place the units I am taking in front of me as I build my army is really handy, in fact I created this army list using only the cards.

As for my list I run the most of the core units:

Armored Rifle Company HQ 25 Points

Carbine Team (x 2)


M3 Half Track .50 cal MG (x 1)


Armored Rifle Platoon 1 295 Points
Rifle team (x 6)   
Bazooka team (x 5)  
60mm motar (x 1)  
M3 half-track .50 cal MG (x 2)  
M3 half-track .30 cal MG (x 2)  
Armored Rifle Platoon 2 295 Points
Rifle team (x 6)   
Bazooka team (x 5)  
60mm motar (x 1)  
M3 half-track .50 cal MG (x 2)  
M3 half-track .30 cal MG (x 2)  
M4 81mm Mortar Platoon
115 Points
M4 81mm (x 3)  
M8 Scott Assault Gun Platoon 135 Points
M8 Scott 75mm (x 3)  
865 Points

Andrew’s Fighting Second!

So that’s the core of my Late War force. I really like the Armoured Infantry Platoon, its well-rounded with a good amount of anti-tank, machine-guns and has a large number of teams.  When I am on the attack this unit will have an answer for pretty much anything my opponents throw at me, and on the defence, once dug in, this massive platoon will be hard to shift.

The mortars and Scott HMCs are brilliant in V4. They have great Firepower and the new artillery rules make them incredibly good at killing dug in infantry and gun teams.

As for anti-tank, my Bazookas are great at defensive fire, but a bit slow and short ranged to be counted on to do all my anti-tank work, so I think I need to add some tanks!

Right so for tanks I am thinking of running:

Andrew’s Fighting Second!

Super Pershing Tank Platoon 275 Points

Super Pershing long 90mm (x 1)


M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon 360 Points
M10 3-inch (x 4)  

Andrew’s Fighting Second!

Now I know what you’re thinking, that’s a lot of points for one tank, but come on, it’s a Super Pershing! There is nothing cooler than it you can bring in an American army. The Super Pershing has a massive front armour of 13, but is weak on the side, so for this tank I plan on sitting back and giving some covering fire with its massive Anti-tank 16 gun.

Since the Pershing is going to be chilling in the back I wanted another tank platoon that could keep up with the troops and pack a punch. I first thought of grabbing some Sherman’s, but I really like M10s and I think if I am careful with them they will be perfect in both attack and defence, keeping my force flexible.

I plan on attacking in most of my games, but I can defend if needed. I love how flexible this force is. I will most likely set up my two artillery units to soften an objective and move my two infantry units up fast to assault and secure it.  My tanks will move up slowly covering my advance and hopefully getting my opponent’s armour to be more defensive. It’s an all or nothing sort of list that will result in quick games if I am attacking. If I want to play a longer game I could easily also go defensive with it.

Anyways this is my Christmas holiday project to finish assembling and painting my US Rifle company. Hopefully by the New Year I will have a new army to play in whatever Mid War or Late War tournament I go to.





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