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Armies of Late-War Live Launch
On November 24th the Studio celebrated the launch with an afternoon of activities live from the New Zealand office.
Friday 24
Armies of Late-War Live Launch
Armies of Late-War

Today we are excited to be sharing Armies Of Late-War with everyone. This has been an interesting project for the team to work on as we had the opportunity to look back across years of V3 Late War lists and distil hundreds of lists down to a selection of the most common or core ones. Through the process we wanted to ensure that we were providing new customers with an easy entry point to Late War whilst making sure that everything was compatible for our V3 Veterans.

We are going to be sharing some of the army lists that the team in the Studio are keen to try out as we brush the North African dust (it gets everywhere!) off our old armies and turn our gaming attention back to Late War.

Phil and Wayne will also be playing a game this afternoon which we will feature over on our Facebook group so make sure you keep an eye out for some live crosses over the Studio. We will even ask for some of their thoughts about the book and if you are watching the live feed feel free to throw us some questions too.

Stay tuned for more.

Friday 24
Armies of Late-War is live on Digital

Armies of Late-War is now available on FOW Digital. If you have never taken a look at our digital app then now is a great time as you can find plenty of content there to check out including some free items to help you really test drive the app.

To find out how to get FOW Digital (for Android devices and iPads) click here…

And to download a preview of Armies of Late-War click here (or download the preview in the app)…

Armies of Late-War is live on Digital
Friday 24
Armies of Late-War: Phil's Desert Rats
Desert Rats

Phil is well known for his love of the British 7th Armoured Division so it’s probably no surprise that the first army he is keen to try out using Armies of Late-War is a Cromwell Armoured Squadron or Motor Company. Time for the might Desert Rats to ride once more. 

Armies of Late-War: Phil's Desert Rats
Click here to check out Phil's Desert Rats...
Friday 24
Armies of Late-War: Wayne's Panthers and Gebirgsjägers

After letting Phil talk about the Desert Rats it is okay fair that Wayne (as the other writer of the book) gets his say. Wayne tends towards the more uncommon armies (Toldi swarm in Early War as an example) but found a couple of options that he likes the look of in Armies of Late-War.

Armies of Late-War: Wayne's Panthers and Gebirgsjägers
Click here to check out Wayne's Panthers and Gebirgsjägers...
Friday 24
Armies of Late-War: Chris' Soviet Infantry and German Cats

Chris has been playing more Team Yankee than Flames Of War recently but has managed to find a way to use a couple of his favourite Late War armies to take advantage of the simplicity of the new Unit Cards and field something he is excited about.

Armies of Late-War: Chris' Soviet Infantry and German Cats
Click here to check out Chris' Soviet Infantry and German Cats...
Friday 24
Armies of Late-War: Live Battle
Armies of Late-War

Phil and Wayne are now going to head to head in a game this afternoon!

The live stream of the game is now over! Don't worry if you missed out though. You can see the full video on our facebook and find out who won.

Click here to see the full video...

Armies of Late-War: Live Game
Click here to go the Facebook Group...
Friday 24
Armies of Late-War: Andrew’s Fighting Second!

Andrew is one of the regular list noodlers round the office. As soon as a book starts development there is a good chance he is checking it, working out the angles, and deciding if this is his next project. Needless to say if Andrew gets excited about the list there is a good chance it is going to work well on the tabletop! 

Armies of Late-War: Andrew’s Fighting Second!
Click here to check out Andrew’s Fighting Second...
Friday 24
Armies of Late-War: Casey's Soviet Infantry and T-34s

Casey is known around the office for building Soviet armies so it is no surprise that his first Armies Of Late War lists involve a pile of infantry, or a battalion of T-34/85 tanks!

Armies Of Late War: Casey's Soviet Infantry and T-34s
Click here to check out Casey's Soviet Infantry and T-34s...
Friday 24
Armies of Late-War - Roundtable Discussion
Armies of Late-War

With the release of Armies Of Late-War we asked Chris, Phil and Wayne to sit down and discuss the new book, the new card packs and to discuss the which rulebook is right for you.

Friday 24
Signing off!
Armies of Late-War

Thanks for joining us today whilst we took a look at Armies Of Late-War. There has been quite a of buzz around the office as the copies of the book just arrived 90 minutes ago (watch our roundtable discussion to find out more about this) and there was already talk of starting some new armies.

If you are new to Late War then this book is a great place to start your journey as there are some cracking lists in there. Thanks to the new style of layout (and unit cards) the lists are quick to build and include a great range of options to start a new army. For our V3 Veterans if there is one thing that we wanted you to know today it was that these lists are completely compatible with those found in Overlord through Berlin, we’ve just done the heavy lifting to make them ready for list building. Next time you are passing your FLGS make sure you check out the books and card packs. 

Enjoy your weekend everyone and we will return the Flames Of War page to its usual look and feel next week!

Signing off!

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