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Doctor Who

Battlefront UK Open Day
June 30th 2018 Cleve Lodge, Long Eaton, Derbyshire NG10, UK.

Opening Times: 
General Admission 0900 – 1800
Campaign Admission 0845 – 1900
General and Campaign Entry cost £10.00 (200 Max)

Come and meet the team, have a look behind the scenes, find out what we have been working on, as well as playing some of our games, from Flames of War to Doctor Who, it will all be there and much more to check out.

Join Peter, John-Paul, John Matthews and the rest of the UK office for a day of fun. We will even have some fantastic swag for attendees so make sure you book your leave passes now!

It won't be all one-way traffic though as Peter is putting together a list of questions to ask you. We want to know what you think about how things are going and what you want as a hobbyist from Battlefront.

Attendee Swag, time for an Axe Battle!
In addition to meeting the team, pumping Peter and JP for answers to all of your questions, playing some games, taking advantage of an awesome attendee discount at the onsite store and generally having a good time, attendees will also be able to walk away with a couple of great models for their collections.
Axe Battle

Free Doctor Who Miniatures With Event Ticket Purchase!
Yes thats right! Everyone that attends the event will get both of these exclusive Doctor Who miniatures (unpainted of course). Purchase your ticket, come to the event, get awesome free swag. Couldn't be much simplier!

For Team Yankee players, who could resist having a time travelling Doctor Who turning up for an epic axe battle (Viking not included) standing on a resin version of our Chieftain model?

And for Doctor Who board game players you can upgrade your playing piece and strike an awesome pose as you adventure through time and space.

The only place to pick up these two awesome models at the moment is at the UK Open Day so make sure you get your tickets before they all sell out.

Read James' article on painting the Doctor here...

Left: the 32mm version. Click on it for a larger image!
Below: the 15mm version of
Doctor Who standing on a Chieftain tank.

Axe Battle

There will be several seminars throughout the day and links with New Zealand, which will be streamed on our website too.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how we decide on what miniature or boardgame we’re going to make or have some questions for Peter, John-Paul, Phil or Wayne and other Battlefront staff will be able to give you the insight.

Valley Of Tears

Valley Of Tears

The Valley of Tears (Hebrew: עֵמֶק הַבָּכָא, Emek HaBakha) is the name given to an area in the Golan Heights after it became the site of a major battle in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, known as the Valley (or Vale) of Tears Battle, which was fought between 6 and 9 October.

Tim and Gareth are building a couple of armies so you can try out the new Fate Of A Nation rules as the Israelis and Syrians go head to he.

Check out their plan here...

Demonstration Games
There will be a chance to see ‘Nam in action, on a fantastic Brown Water Board and take over a turn or two as US Riverine or PAVN/Viet Cong, as well as a preview of the recently released Arab-Israeli game for Team Yankee - Fate of a Nation (released in late June)

Never played one of our board games, well you can fix that at the open day. We will have several of our latest games for you to take part in.

  • Star Trek
  • Dr Who
  • Tyrants of the Underdark
  • Firefly (original)
  • Firefly Adventures: Brigands and Browncoats

There may well be one or two surprises there too.

Welcome To The Jungle

Welcome To The Jungle

Ever fancied a game of 'Nam? Well have we got a treat for you. Our friend and volunteer Alan Graham of Aylesbury Club has kindly agreed to come along to the Battlefront UK Open Day and allow some games to be played on his awesome Brown Water board! Here’s your chance to see how the Riverine Forces fair against the Viet Cong.

Check out the table here...

Participation Games
We will have two participation games going on throughout the day

TANKS a real Tankfest
This will be several games throughout the day with a prize for the top Tanker at the end of each game and an overall winner for the day. The format of exactly what this will be is still being decided, but you know that it’ll be a huge amount of fun, especially as it’ll involve multiple players each game.

Wittmann’s Wild Ride
Take part in this game as Michael Wittmann. Some of our friends at Reluctant Conscripts have taken the scenario written back in the day of version 2 and applied version 4 to it. Wittmann was a well-known German Tiger Ace of World War Two, renowned for his actions at Villiers Bocage in Normandy 1944. There will be a leader board – so jump into Tiger 234 and see if you can head the leader board. There will be a prize for the best Wittmann of the morning and afternoon sessions, with a prize for the overall leader too.

There will also be sculpting and painting demonstrations going on by our studio guys, who will happily give you tips and advice.

16 player Campaign Style Events for both Flames of War and Team Yankee

Flames Of War Mid War Escalation Campaign

  • Flames of War Game 1: 24 points Singles 30 minutes
  • Flames of War Game 2: 48 points Doubles 105 minutes
  • Flames of War Game 3: 100 points Singles 150 minutes

Team Yankee Campaigns MW & TY Escalation campaign.

  • Team Yankee Game 1: 24 points Singles 30 minutes
  • Team Yankee Game 2: 48 points Doubles 105 minutes
  • Team Yankee Game 3: 85 points Singles 150 minutes

Tyrants of the Underdark Grand Game
A 16 player competitive game over 3 rounds

Painting Competition

Flames Of War/ Team Yankee (2 Categories) 

  • Best Tank
  • Best Platoon
  • Best Objective

Dungeons And Dragons

  • Best Monster
  • Best Miniature

GaleForce 9

  • Games Component
  • Terrain Piece

Find out more about the competition here...

Naturally our retail stand will be there and your entrance ticket will give you the chance of getting a discount at the till, so keep a hold of it to redeem.

Cleve Lodge is a great venue with plenty of parking and full mobility access too. It also has a fully licenced bar serving food and drink all day, such as bacon / sausage rolls, a full English breakfast, or Home-made steak pie chips peas and gravy, Scampi chips and salad, ham double egg and chips, 1/4 Pounder burger chips and salad or a jacket potatoes and salad, all reasonably priced.

Tickets For The Battlefront UK Open Day Are Now Available Here...

There are four different types of tickets on the store.

General Admission (TT008)
This is for those that want to show up and have look around and hang out with their fellow gamers at the event, meet the Battlefront staff and join in on the fun.

Note: You do not need this ticket if you purchase any other admission ticket.

Flames of War Campaign (TT009)
This gives you a place in the Flames Of War Campaign games happening on the day. Spots in these games are limited so get in fast 

Note: This ticket covers general admission and you do not need to purchase another ticket.

Team Yankee Campaign (TT010)
This gives you a place in the Team Yankee Campaign games happening on the day. Spots in these games are limited so get in fast 

Note: This ticket covers general admission and you do not need to purchase another ticket.

Tyrants Of The Underdark Campaign (TT011)
This gives you a place in the Tyrants Of The Underdark Campaign games happening on the day. Spots in these games are limited so get in fast 

Note: This ticket covers general admission and you do not need to purchase another ticket.

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