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Revolution! V4 Revolution! V4
A 4th Edition Launch Event / Late-war Tournament
with Ilya Semionov

On 23 April 2017, Voevoda Club hosted Revolution! V4, a 1500 point Late-war tournament at the Geek Wars store in Moscow, Russia.

The event acted as both a tournament and a celebration event for the release of the 4th Edition Flames Of War rules. Ten players, with armies updated for the new version of the rules, were keen to test the changes and new mechanics for themselves.

There was a variety of lists. The three Soviet lists included the feared Matilda Tankovy double formation with a load of Lend-Lease tanks, a full of ZiS-3 guns Strelkovy with platoon-sized infantry companies, a dug-in Pulemetno-Artilleriysky battery and T-34s in support. All Soviet lists featured IL-2 Type 3M air support to deal with any pesky German Panzers, and the planes proved to be the kings of the sky!

Revolution! V4
Revolution! V4

Two US players brought Tank and Mechanised variants of the Reluctant Veteran 3rd Armoured Division and battle tested the mighty Jumbo tank. The tanks were as hard to kill as ever, and the hits swapping rule helped them to protect other tanks in the platoon. The compulsory usage of Stabilizers was a new thing to the American tankers, and they had to adjust their tactics, hoping not to fail their Blitz move to get into position and fire without penalty. The Calliope rocket launchers were the artillery of choice for the new edition.

The Axis was represented by three German Panzer companies: a Totenkopf Panzer IV list remounting on 2+ with the new Protected Ammo rule, a Confident Veteran mix of Panthers and StuGs, and a Desperate Measures Confident Trained Panzer IV/70 (V) and Panther list with highly-awarded immortal Ulrich Rudel! With so many IL-2 Type 3M in the sky the Germans brought as much AA as the Vaterland could provide: Wirbelwinds, Quads, and the Acht-Acht Flaks were all there to stop the Soviet marauding Shturmoviks. It didn’t help though, and the demand for AA guns of any sort remained high throughout the event!

Revolution! V4
Revolution! V4

The other two German lists were Grenadiers and Sturmkompanie. It was a tough time for the German soldiers, as they couldn’t hold the ground against the Lend-Lease horde, and had problems attacking the fortified Soviet strong points. The German infantry commanders quickly learnt their lesson and change their tactics accordingly.

After two rounds of games, the Allies occupied the top spots of the tournament table and it was decided to pair the two Soviet lists, which had won both first and second round 8 to 1, against each other. The Lend-Lease reapers were unbeatable, winning the final game against Strelkovy 8 to 1 as well and making their commander Dmitry “Nielle” Privalov the winner of the tournament with a maximum of 24 points.

Revolution! V4

The intense fighting on the boards alongside the friendly atmosphere and great environment of the gaming zone at the Geek Wars store made the 4th Edition launch event / tournament both fun and useful for learning the new rules. The interest for 4th Edition increased in the local community and even the most doubtful players are now ready to give it a try!

~ Ilya.

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