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Fall Weiss-Blau 2017 Fall Weiss-Blau 2017
with Christian Preuss

After a weekend of highly competitive but fun wargaming, the first edition of Fall Weiss-Blau is now in the books. A field including 15 international players coming from as far away as Russia, Portugal, Belarus, Poland, Switzerland and Austria and 11 more players from all around Germany were in attendance, all hoping to take home with them the Bavarian Cup.

There were five different awards up for grabs:

The award for the Best-painted Army went to Boruta from Poland.

The Traveller award given to the participant with had travelled the furthest to attend the event was awarded to player Droger from Russia.

The unique design of these prizes hopefully motivated people for next year to travel even farther or customise and paint their armies to an even higher standard.

Right: The prizes given to the winners of the Best-painted Army and Traveller awards.

Fall Weiss-Blau 2017
The prizes for the top three ranked players were awarded to players from Germany, Russia and Austria.With two of the top three players members of ETC Team Austria. The rest of the ETC community in Europe will need to weary of Team Austria.
Below: The top-ranked players with their awards.
Fall Weiss-Blau 2017

Besides the ETC warm-up tournament, we had two retailers presenting their wares; Roll The Dice brought boxes with lots of gaming accessories for different systems, including Flames Of War and Tabletop Modellbau set up a large table of table-ready terrain.

Another highlight were the scenario tables. While Tabletop Modellbau supplied quite a natural terrain setup featuring rolling hills and rivers, our visitor, Zauberlehrling brought along a beautiful table representing the fields of Holland with the challenge of a river-crossing.

Many thanks to both for bring taking tables from Austria and Baden-Württemberg all the way to an event held in Schwabhausen near Munich. We hope that this level of dedication will remain for many years to come.

Below: Zauberlehrling's 'Holland' table.
Fall Weiss-Blau 2017

Feedback in regards to the event was positive and we were are glad that everybody had a good time and enjoyed the excellent hospitality of Bavaria.

Our tables were packed with terrain due to the drop of players from initially expected 50 attendees to 26 actual participants, we had plenty of terrain to choose from. Thanks again to all the players, who carried their terrain through across Germany to support us and your help will be appreciated at next year's event.

Below: An example of Tabletop Modellbau terrain setup.
Fall Weiss-Blau 2017

The feedback from this year's event will be considered as lessons learned for next year; thanks for any and all your input. This year was a pleasure, the players had a great time and seeing this, gives the organisers a sense of accomplishment too.

Thanks to those who attend and help make Fall Weiss-Blau 2017 a success. Thank you for reading and we hope you'll consider joining us at next years event.

If you would like to see even more pictures, check out the galleries in the WBS blog here:


~ Christian.

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