Colours Of War

Welcome to Colours Of War, a detailed and comprehensive system for painting Flames Of War miniatures. Painting historical miniatures is a fun, creative and rewarding pastime. For historical wargamers everywhere, a beautifully painted miniature army is a joy to behold. And that is exponentially more true if you have the satisfaction of knowing that you painted it yourself.

Colours Of War is a holistic, integrated painting system, where the paint range and the painting guides have been developed simultaneously, designed to give great results with the smallest possible investment of time and effort.

The Colours Of War Book
Colours Of War cover

The Colours Of War book is 88 full-colour pages, covering all the techniques you need into one simple, easy-to-follow volume. This book will help you get the most out of your Flames Of War models, whether you have been painting wargaming miniatures for years or have just picked up a paintbrush for the first time.

The book contains:

  • Tips and tricks for preparation and assembly.
  • Advice about the theory and practice of painting.
  • Historical information about the equipment, colours and markings used by each of the four main combatant nations: German, British, US, and Soviets.
  • How to base your miniatures for maximum impact.
  • Step-by-step guides covering everything you need to get your armies painted and on to the table quickly and effectively.
  • Tips and tricks developed by the Battlefront studio over years of experience.
  • Inspirational colour photos.
Colours Of War is sold out but still avalible on Flames Of War Digital...

Colours Of War Design Notes
Writer James Brown tells us all about the Colours Of War painting guide book, describing how the book was developed alongside the paint range, and how the book can help you, whatever you level of expertise.

Colours Of War Design Notes...

Colours Of War Design Notes
Breakthrough Assault

Breakthrough Assault: Colours Of War Review

Ed 'Fez-man' Turner won a copy of Colours Of War at the Art of War tournament, and was kind enough to write a review.

Breakthrough Assault: Colours Of War Review... 

WWPD: Colours Of War Review
And over at WWPD, Sean 'Throckmorton' Sarah has also written his thoughts about Colours Of War (spoiler alert: he likes it too!)

WWPD: Colours Of War Review...

The Colours Of War Paint Range
Colours Of War

Colours Of War Paint Sets

The new Colours Of War paints are initially being sold in handy sets. The Quartermaster’s Paint Set contains all the standard colours that every army seems to need. Then each of the major nations has its own colour set, with the correct colours for their unique equipment. With just the Quartermaster’s Paint Set and the appropriate nation-specific set, you will have all the colours you need to paint your army.

Colours Of War Paint Sets...

Quartermaster's Paint Set (CWP100) German Armour Paint Set (CWP110) USA Paint Set (CWP120)
British Paint Set (CWP130) Soviet Paint Set (CWP140) German Infantry Paint Set (CWP111)
Individual Colours Of War Paints

Due to widespread demand, we are pleased to be finally offering individual paint colours through our online store. So whether you need to refill one or two high-use colours, or just want a particular combination of colours not covered by our sets, you can now pick and choose exactly the shades you want at a very affordable price. The range is limited right now to the 60% of colours which are currently available in paint sets, but the full Colours Of War colour range will be available later in the year.

Individual Colours Of War Paints...

Individual Colours Of War Paints

Conversion Chart

Colours Of War Conversion Chart

For those who want to follow Colours Of War paint guides using their existing collection of paints, we have a PDF chart giving the closest recommended colours from our old Vallejo Flames Of War paint range.

Colours Of War Conversion Chart PDF...

Developing the Colours Of War Paint Range
Miniature painter extraordinaire Matt Parkes gives an insight into the process behind the development of the new custom WWII paints.

Developing the Colours Of War Paint Range...

Developing the Colours Of War Paint Range

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