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Pocket Guide to Vietnam

Pocket Guide to Vietnam  
with Mike Haught

Brown Water Navy builds on the rich world of Flames Of War Vietnam, adding rivers, jungle, patrol boats, on-station Skyraiders and more.

As the Vietnam era for Flames Of War expands, it has become increasingly important to consolidate all of the rules, arsenals, and missions into one reference book. The Pocket Guide to Vietnam is an effort to do just that. Most of these rules can be found in Tour Of Duty, but not all of them.

This book will allow you to get straight into the action without needing to refer to several books. All of the rules you need are there in the Pocket Guide and the main Flames Of War Rulebook.

Inside you will find:

  • Free World Special Rules
  • Helicopter Rules
  • Aircraft Rules
  • Riverine Boat Rules
  • Medevac Rules
  • US Special Rules
  • ANZAC Special Rules
  • ARVN Special Rules
  • PAVN Special Rules
  • Vietnam Missions
  • Vietnamese Battlefields 
Brown Water Navy
The Pocket Guide to Vietnam is now available on Flames Of War Digital. For those of you who don't have access to an iPad, don't worry - this is a useful resource, but not one you need to play Flames Of War Vietnam. These rules are all still available in Tour Of Duty and Brown Water Navy.

~ Mike. 

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