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28cm sWG41 Rocket Launchers

28cm sWG41 Rocket Launcher 28cm sWG41 Rocket Launchers (GE591)
Rocket: 28cm Wurfkörper Spreng
Launcher: Schweres Wurfgerat 41

The 28cm High Explosive rocket was the first German rocket to see widespread service and first went into service in late 1940. It had a poor ballistic shape, limited range and was awkward to handle, however, it had a very heavy warhead and packed a lot of destructive power ensuring it remained in service until 1945.
28cm sWG41 Rocket Launchers

The warhead contained 50kg of high explosive (either amatol or TNT) and proved a potent weapon when used against fortifications and strongpoints. The rocket motor was angled to impart spin. The fuse of the warhead was armed by the centrifugal force caused by the spin. 

The Rockets were packed and transported in cratea that were also used to fire it from. The rocket crates were mounted on a simple frame (Schweres Wurfgerat 41) and were fired remotely by the crew with an electrical charge. 

28cm sWG41 Rocket Launcher
28cm sWG41 Rocket Launcher The Schweres Wurfgerat 41 simply acted as the elevation component of the rocket launcher system. The crates acted as the guide component. Each launcher took four rocket crates.

Often the 28cm rockets were fire in conjunction with the 32cm Wurfkörper M F1 50 incendiary rocket. These were found alongside the 28cm HE rocket in a proportion of one incendiary to every five high explosive rockets.

The 32cm incendiary rocket contained 50 litres of fuel that was ignited by an Magnesium fuse on impact.

In Flames Of War

The 28cm sWG41 Rocket Launchers were commonly used on both the Western and Eastern front in the late war period. You can field them as part of your Fortification allocation for a Festungs-
kompanie from Atlantik Wall.

28cm sWG41 Rocket Launcher
28cm sWG41 Rocket Launcher

The 28cm sWG41 rocket launcher firing bombardments has a range of 40”/100cm, AT 3, and FP 1+.

It uses the Static Rocket Launcher rules found on page 30 of Atlantic Wall.

Designed by Evan
Painted by Jeremy

28cm sWG41 Rocket Launcher 28cm sWG41 Rocket Launcher
28cm sWG41 Rocket Launcher 28cm sWG41 Rocket Launcher

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