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News From the Front
With Battlefront CEO John-Paul Brisigotti

The first part of the year has gone by so fast it is hard to believe we have just had our annual 'eat too much chocolate' holiday. Christmas and the launch of Team Yankee already seem like a distant memory. And with Flames Of War Pacific just out, there is definitely no rest for the wicked (or any of our nicer staff!)

Despite the increased demand created by the release of Team Yankee, our new factory coming on-line at the right time has meant that we are not only keeping up but managing to get ahead a little bit more each day. Stock flow to stores has been improving constantly since the start of the year. And in our design studio we are further ahead with new projects than we have ever been.
Trying to get so many things changed and updated is no small task. But, as your feedback is showing, we are getting there. In the next few weeks you will see some more changes as we improve our customer service systems and communication flow, add more payment options and bring single paints to the webstore. Each one of these changes has come directly from your feedback, and we are working our way through a list of changes we wholeheartedly agree will improve things for everybody.
Flames Of War Pacific TANKS: The World War Two Tank Skirmish Game

Some very exciting things are happening right now. We are knee-deep in the Pacific, and TANKS will be along soon. Some of you have already had a taste of TANKS at AdeptiCon. And if you are going to Salute this weekend, you will also get your chance to pick up a set of rules and some models.

Thank you all for the ongoing support and your feedback.

~ John-Paul