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Flames Of War: 4th Edition
V3 Veteran: 2007 - 20011

Free Version Four Rulebooks?
With every new edition of the Flames Of War rules, we have given away free copies to all existing players to say thanks for being a player and welcome to the new version. When we went from version 2 to version 3 we gave away 26 tonnes of books – that’s the same weight as a T-34 tank! You might even say that we are Fearless Veterans when it comes to this process.

This time around it is no different, except that you will be getting TWO books, not one.

The first one is a full-sized set of rules, an 112-page, A4-sized book, formatted for existing Early-war and Late-war players. The game rules are identical to the hardback version, only instead of referring to the Unit Cards that we will be using in Mid-war, they refer to the current book range, allowing all existing books to still be used for those two periods.

Click here for the 4th Edition News and Information landing page…

As well as the rules you will also get a 64-page A5 book containing all the special rules and characters from every 3rd edition book from Early-war and Late-war, detailing how they now work in 4th edition. This is the ultimate Know Your Enemy guide, as every single book in print is covered.

Learn how to get your free 4th Edition rulebooks here...

Flames Of War, 1939-41 and 1944-45 rulebook Flames Of War, Special Rules and Warriors, 1939-41 and 1944-45

  Team Yankee

Volksarmee (FW908)
East Germans in World War III 

Volksarmee, East Germans in World War III is a 32-page hardback book that tells the story of Oberleutnant Fritz Fischer’s battalion of T-72M tanks and their attack on Northern Germany against the West German Defenders.

Volksarmee provides players with Army lists for a T-55 AM2 Panzer Bataillon, T-72M Panzer Bataillon, BMP Mot-Schützen Bataillon, and BTR-60 Mot-Schützen Bataillon, as well as card pack containing 17 unit cards, history of the East German Army leading into the Cold War, painting guides and scenarios for the Team Yankee game.

Volksarmee: East Germans in World War III... 

Volksarmee (FW908)
Volksarmee Pre-orders
The East Germans are coming to Team Yankee in 2017. The East German Volksarmee, or Peoples’ Army, has the reputation of being the most well-trained of all the Warsaw Pact armies. It has a high proportion of professional soldiers and is well-equipped.
Learn how to pre-order upcoming Volksarmee releases here...
BRDM-2 Recon Platoon (TSBX10) BRDM-2 Recon Platoon (TSBX10)
The Soviet-made BRDM-2 (Boyevaya Razvedyvatelnaya Dozornaya Mashina 2, or Combat Reconnaissance Patrol Vehicle 2) is a four-wheel amphibious reconnaissance vehicle ideally suited for East German Aufklärungs troops. The vehicle has been designed to cope with a range of terrain. In addition to being amphibious, it also has two pairs of belly wheels that can be lowered by the driver for trench crossing and has a centralised tire pressure system that is used to adjust tire pressures to suit the ground conditions.

BRDM-2 Recon Platoon (TSBX10)...
Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)
The 9P148 Konkurs (Contest, or Spandrel as its missile is designated by NATO) is a light mobile armoured vehicle mounting five excellent wire-guided 9M113 Konkurs (AT-5 Spandrel) anti-tank missiles. The 9P148 vehicle is based on the same vehicle used in the reconnaissance role as the BRDM-2. It has good cross-country and road speed allowing it to get into good positions from which to launch its missiles. The roof mounted launch system meant that the vehicle could hide its bulk, only exposing the launcher and gunner’s sight on the top of the roof to the enemy making it difficult to kill or suppress should the enemy even see the weapon firing.

Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)...
Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)
Mot-Schützen Kompanie (TEBX02) Mot-Schützen Kompanie (TEBX02)
The Russian BMP-1 is the successor to Germany's ground-breaking Hanomag halftrack of the Second World War. It carries the 
Schützen into battle in relative safety, then gives them fire support as they launch their attack.

Mounting an AT-3 Sagger missile, the BMP-1 also protects the infantry from enemy panzers. The company’s riflemen are armed with the classic AKM assault rifle, or MPi KM (Maschinenpistole Kalashnikow Modernisiert) submachine-gun as the East Germans called them. Each squad is also equipped with an RPK squad automatic weapon, disposable RPG-18 anti-tank rockets, and the powerful RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launcher.

Mot-Schützen Kompanie (TEBX02)...

East German Mot-Schützen Heavy Weapons (TEG706)
The Soviets were quick to equip their East German ally with the powerful AT-4 Spigot anti-tank missile, their AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher and the SA-14 Gremlin anti-aircraft missile in an attempt to give them an unbeatable edge in firepower.

East German Mot-Schützen Heavy Weapons (TEG706)...
East German Mot-Schützen Heavy Weapons (TEG706)
Win a Team Yankee Table

The Winners Announced!
The votes are in and we in the Battlefront Studio agreed with you. The winner of the Team Yankee table is Kenneth Horton for his West Germans and the rest of the world winner is Jeff Rolfe for his Australian M113 in UN service.

Kenneth Horton's West German Panzer Kompanie...
Jeff Rolfe's Australian M113 in UN Service...

Check out updated photos of Shawn’s progress on the table here...  

Panzer Angriff:
Ghan Bush!
Getting Ready For Africa
In preparation for 4th Edition, the guys from Panzer Angriff build their very first desert table for Flames Of War.

Ghan Bush! Getting Ready For Africa... 

Panzer Angriff: Ghan Bush! Getting Ready For Africa
Fog Of War Snippets Fog Of War Snippets:
Forces Of War
Find List For Specific Equipment
In this Fog Of War Snippet, Harry looks at a useful feature of Forces of War where you can search for listings by equipment or unit type. 

Forces Of War: Find List For Specific Equipment...
Learn more about Forces Of War here...

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Of War Australian Nationals at CanCon 2017

Flames Of War Australian Nationals at CanCon 2017
Hosted by the Canberra Games Society, Cancon is the largest gaming weekend in Australia. It has been going for more than 30 years, and it attracts players from all over Australia.

CanCon 2017 features tournaments for Early-war, Late-war, the ever popular Night Flames, a Mid-war 'War in the Desert' themed, team-based competition and Team Yankee.

Flames Of War Australian Nationals at CanCon 2017...

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Flames Of War Events Worldwide...
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Mentioned in Despatches

In Memory of Sean Sweigart (1968-2016)

In Memory of Sean Sweigart (1968-2016)
It is with great sadness, we have to announce our friend and colleague Sean Sweigart passed away over the holidays, due to complications following surgery.

Sean worked at Gale Force Nine for thirteen years. He was instrumental in designing Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery, Firefly: The Game, Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem, Homeland, WWE Superstar Showdown, Family Guy: Stewie’s Sexy Party Game, Star Trek: Ascendancy, and beyond. Sean spent his life immersed in Science Fiction and Fantasy worlds.

In the early 1990s, he founded his own game store, Omnidon’s, in Hummelstown, PA. Before joining GF9, Sean worked with Games Workshop for four years where he manned the Battlewagon and ran the Maryland Battle Bunker.

Sean always sought new challenges. He relished innovating and creating. Sean wanted to make thematic games that told stories, games in which people could immerse themselves. He succeeded, and was rightly proud of his work.

Sean was a close friend to those around him, passionate about games (among many other things!) and his presence will be sorely missed.

A memorial fund is in place for his daughter, Alyssa. If you’d like to contribute, please visit:


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BRDM-2 Recon Platoon (TSBX10)
Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)
Mot-Schützen Kompanie (TEBX02)
East German Mot-Schützen Heavy Weapons (TEG706)

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